Best 20 Boarding Schools In Zimbabwe

The best boarding schools to attend in Zimbabwe are not only ones with spacious accommodations, but also schools that provide a secure, nurturing, and comfortable environment where students learn and acquire independence, tolerance, and excellence.

We’ve reviewed 20 of the best boarding schools currently functional in Zimbabwe, essentially based on the pass rate from most recent exams. This metric reflects the number of candidates who would have passed at least 5 subjects with a C or higher versus the total number of candidates in the boarding school.

During our rigorous review, we also considered the boarding schools with the best facilities that provide students with a home away from home, thereby assisting parents who either live a distance away or those whose lifestyles require in-residence children.

Our top recommendation for the  best boarding schools in Zimbabwe

The education system in Zimbabwe consists of 7 years of primary and 6 years of secondary schooling before students can enter university in the country or abroad.

The academic year in these Zimbabwean boarding schools runs from January to December, with three months term broken up by one month of holidays.

You will observe that many of the highly-ranked boarding schools in Zimbabwe are church-owned mission boarding schools.

If you are looking for a high-quality boarding school to enroll your child in Zimbabwe, here’s a list of our top recommendations:

  1. Jonh Tallach High School
  2. Lingfield Christian Academy
  3. Pamushana High School
  4. Allan Wilson High School
  5. Anderson Adventist High School
  6. Arundel School
  7. Chisipite Senior School
  8. Christian Brothers College, Bulawayo
  9. Zrp High School
  10. Nyanga High School
  11. Goromonzi High School
  12. Hillcrest College
  13. Jameson High School
  14. St Ignatius College High School
  15. Cornway College
  16. Eaglesvale High School
  17. Monte Cassino High School
  18. Silveira High School
  19. Kyle College
  20. Lomagundi College Schools

Read on to find out more about the details of these schools and their admission processes, uniform, fees, and other relevant enrollment details.

Jonh Tallach High School

Cracking the roof on the list of the best boarding schools in Zimbabwe is the Jonh Tallach High School. Located in Matabeleland, the mission boarding schools are run by the Presbyterian church.

For one, it is an affordable option for students but this is not at the expense of quality education. Jonh Tallach has simple structures and impressive facilities to facilitate boarding school education.

The school produces great results each year which explains its strong academic record. Jonh Tallach is known for coming top in pass rates compared to other high schools in Zimbabwe. For instance, the 2019 O-level examination results from this school had a 100 percent pass rate.

With more than 600 students (50 of which reside locally), the boarding school does not enroll strictly students of the Presbyterian church. However, all students are expected to conform to mission principles and practices while at school, which includes attendance at all church services.

So regardless of your religious and economic background, you have a place in this school. Enrollees are accepted into Forms 1 and Lower Form 6 only.

Lingfield Christian Academy

This is another fantastic boarding and day school for boys and girls, particularly in the Gweru district of Zimbabwe.

The independent school offers programs developed and examined by the Cambridge International Examinations (IGSCE and AS/A Level) and the school offers ZIMSEC certifications.  Known for its impeccable academic excellence, Lingfield Christian Academy grooms boys and girls that go on to become academically sound.

But they also incorporate activities to improve social leading such as Archery, athletics basketball, cricket, volleyball, swimming, and many others. Students are also exposed to clubs and societies such as community services, Scripture Union, Debating society, and a few others.

If you are interested in the best boarding school in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe, then this is worth consideration. The school is ranked top best for secondary schools in Gweru currently.

Pamushana High School

  • Pamushana High School Admission Process Page
  • Pamushana High School Fees Details page

Pamushana High School is a mission boarding school located in Bikita in Masvingo province. With a solid history of excellence both in academics and sports, Pamushana High School has remained one of the top best boarding schools in Zimbabwe.

In the 2022 Zimsec Advanced Level examinations, all 102 students who sat to write the exam at Pamushana High school in Bikita scored 15 points and above which was one of the most impressive performances by a single school in recent years.

It speaks volumes of their academic excellence, making it an ideal option for boys and girls in Zimbabwe.

The school has a dedicated and committed team of teachers, and real professionals who work hard and always aim to make their students pass.

Pamushana High has over recent years earned feathers to its cap in the area of sport and education in Zimbabwe as they continue to boast shattering academic performance records after final examinations.

Allan Wilson High School

Named after the iconic British Army officer, Allan Wilson, the Allan Wilson high school is one of the leading boy’s boarding schools in Zimbabwe. It is located in the Hathe rare district of the western country.

The boys-only boarding school is public and offers from Form 1 to upper 6 (A level) and subjects are offered in English and Shona languages.  The school shares the environment with Harare Polytechnic and Prince Edward School.

We recommend Allan Wilson as one of the best boarding schools you can consider in Zimbabwe chiefly because of their academic performance. But, in addition to that, it’s a huge plus that they offer boarders extra-mural clubs and associations, an avalanche of sporting activities, and seasonal recreational events.

As for the fees, Boarders at Allan Wilson High school pay around $420 for each term but they accept half the fees for one to enter the premises. Day students, on the other hand, are required to pay $120 and $122 for fees and levies respectively.

Anderson Adventist High School

The stellar results in Zimsec examinations produced by students in the Anderson Adventist High School are hard to ignore. If you’re looking for a boarding school in Zimbabwe that reeks of academic performance, this is another quality option.

With about 400 pupil population and 40 teachers, the Adventist school is located in Gweru and planted on a solid Christian foundation and core values – it’s run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We consider this school as one of the best after looking at its “O” and “A” Level results and the several accolades the school has garnered over the years.

The pass rate of Anderson Adventist High School at the ZImsec November 2019 exams for 0-Level was 97.1 percent.

The fees at this school are payable in full before the first day of the term. Meanwhile, students enrolling at Anderson Adventist High School will have to pass a high aptitude which is a requirement for admission. The boarding school enrolls pupils in forms 1,2,3 and 5.

Arundel School

The value-oriented seat of learning,  Arundel school, is a fantastic boarding school option in Zimbabwe. The private school is located in Harare, particularly focused on female boarders from age 12 to 18, and enrolls students in Forms 1 to 6.

The school is one of the highly rated boarding schools in Zimbabwe and has been placed in the 48th position among the best 100 schools in entire west Africa by Africa Almanac.

While Arundel School run a day school for a resident in Harare, we have placed this school among our top recommendation because they stand out in the area of education quality, student engagement, and school profile.

What’s more? This is a good school you’d want to enroll your girls especially if you are particular about internet and news visibility or the strength and activities of alumnae.

The boarding accommodation at Arundel School is offered on two facets – Weekly boarding for girls who return home at weekends and full boarding accommodation for girls who are far away from family.

The prestigious citadel for learning has boarding houses in Angwa, Sabi, Shire, and Kafue each of which boasts full-time House mistresses, Matrons, and Staff members. One huge plus is that these houses get renovated often to promote comfort.

Sports activities are also a notable part of the education at Arundel School.

Chisipite Senior School

With more than 75 academic staff and 750 girls enrolled, the Chisipite Senior School is a leading single-sex secondary day and boarding school in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Harare district seems to be saturated with a lot of prestigious boarding schools and the Chisipite Senior School is one of those.

This place is recommended for parents who want their girls to have a global perspective on education. The school charges around $4,560 for boarding while day students pay $2,690. Single-sex secondary school is known for their holistic education and the spiritual and moral development of students.

Christian Brothers College, Bulawayo

If you’re looking for a boarding school, particularly in the Bulawayo area of Zimbabwe, then you don’t have many options as far as a boys-only college goes because Christian Brothers College, Bulawayo is the top and only best choice in the area.

The private college has reputable individuals like Graham Boynton (Journalist), Adrain Garvey ( Springbok rugby player), Tony Johnstone (Pro Golfer), John Eppel (Award-winning author), and many others as alumni.

Zrp High School

  • Zrp High School  Admission Process Page
  • Zrp High School  Fees Details page

With a very impressive result in its o-level examinations from the onset, Zrp High school has carved its way into one of the best boarding school options in Zimbabwe today.

The interesting part is that this is the only boarding school that is not operated by a church.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police administrated this high school and they have not lagged in academic performance since its inception (2003), especially when you compare it with most other boarding school options in Harare where it is located.

If your child has a thing for science, then this may not be the best option because A-level students at Zrp High School have had to struggle due to inadequate equipment. But the school has seen pivotal improvement in recent years and has grown to become a top-performing school in the country, a laurel they have not given up on to date.

The interesting part is that enrollees, apart from the academics, get to enjoy co-curricular activities categorized into sports and clubs but the debate club of the boarding school has been the most prominent in terms of competition and visibility (some students from these clubs make it into Zimbabwe’s junior parliament)

Nyanga High School

From the Marist school trifecta in Zimbabwe, the Nyanga High School is prominent coming after Kutama College and Marist Dete.

Nyanga High school is a boys-only boarding school. If you want your boy to study in the Nyanga area of Zimbabwe, this is a solid option. The school is famously known for its excellence in academics and sports.

The catholic, independent boarding high school currently houses more than 550 boys. The school had 95, 84, and 81 percent from 2019 to 2021 examinations, proving its academic performance. The 2023 fee for boarders at Nyanga High school in Zimbabwe is $480.

Goromonzi High School

Your search for a boarding school in Zimbabwe may lead you 35 kilometers out of Harare to Mashonaland East province. If that’s your area catch, then Goromonzi High School is the best shot you’ve got. This boarding secondary school boasts up-to-date standards for both boarding and day scholar students from the residents.

The staff at the boarding school are often talked about in a positive light but most importantly, Goromonzi high school has had a great pass rate record over the years.

The 83.77 percent pass rate in the 2019 O’level exams speaks volumes of the school’s academic excellence. This has made the school rank 26th position among the top 100 best O’Level schools in Zimbabwe at the moment.

The school has increased its boarding fees in recent times, precisely to around $110. Enrollment into Goromonzi high school is done via the Ministry of Education’s EMAP platform. This explains why the boarding school does not have any application forms available.

Hillcrest College

Hillcrest College is another wonderful boarding school worth considering in Zimbabwe. The independent, day and boarding high school is located in Mutare and opened its doors in 1985.

The school appears to have a tradition of academic excellence and this has been reflected in their most recent year data of examination performance. Based on the reviews from parents on forums, students who pass through the boarding education at Hillcrest college come out to be self-reliant, determined, responsible, bold, creative, and entrepreneurial.

The school fosters community diversification where individuality is valued. The most exciting parts for the pupils have to be the outdoor area trips to Outward bond in Chimanimani and other camps to Great Zimbabwe and Nyanga that are organized by the college.

Jameson High School

  • Jameson High School Admission Process Page
  • Jameson High School Fees Details page

Offering education from Form 1 to A-Level, Jameson High School is one of the best boarding schools in the Kadoma area of Zimbabwe to consider right now. The school is interracial and they have four hostels: One in Wardn house (for the boys), One in Starr House (for the boys), and Leander and Hoult hostels for the girls.

With more than 700 student population, Jameson High School in Zimbabwe has about 200 pupils on live boarding.  What we particularly like about the school is the small class sizes and leveled learning that allows students to gain confidence in their learning abilities.

After having a productive chat with a dozen of alumni, we also discovered that Jameson High school is a place for students who need teachers that are invested in their education and growth as learners.

On the side, the school is also heavy on interesting clubs and an avalanche of entertainment, but not at the expense of quality education.

St Ignatius College High School

St Ignatius College High School is a nice place to be, as the boarding school environments help students get mature. After almost 60 decades of being owned by the Roman Catholic church, St Ignatius College High School was eventually changed into a private school,

The stellar results produced by this school on yearly exams do not seem to be dropping.

For one, the school is heavy on quality infrastructure but some students complain that some of the amenities are poorly maintained.

Still, the school has a lot of potential and it undoubtedly robs the students.

Cornway College

Located in Mouth Hampden of Mashonaland West of Zimbabwe, the Cornway College is one of the finest private, co-educational day and boarding schools in Harare.

Established in 2006, the boarding school administered its studies in the English language and it is an interdenominational college but has religious affiliations of Christianity. The average class size at this private school is 25 pupils and the boarding has Cheetah, Eland, Lion, and Tiger houses for its activities.

Cornway college fees for 2023 (boarding) are $1,100 for ECD A and B, while Grade 1 -2 pupils pay the same amount. However, pupils in Grades 3 – 7 pay $1,200 for the boarding fee.

Eaglesvale High School

With about 12 km proximity from the west of Harare Central Business District, the Eaglesvale High School is seated on a 100 acres estate in Harare and is prominent for being a Christian independent boarding and day school.

The co-educational school thrives on integrity and accountability as well as holistic education. With about 466 student population, the school offers education from Form 1 to 4, and Lower and Upper Six.

Monte Cassino High School

This is a Roman Catholic-owned girls-only school. The great results produced by this school in the last couple of years are unmatched. Monte Cassino is a popular boarding school option for people in Zimbabwe, particularly as a result of their academic peak.

The school has been placed in the fifth position on the list of the best boarding school in terms of pass rate.

Silveira High School

  • Silveira High School  Admission Process Page
  • Silveira High School Fees Details page

With continuous excellent results with each passing year, Silveira High remains a top choice for potential boarders in Zimbabwe.

The school is a Roma Catholic-run school in Masvingo. It is a prestigious boarding school, so much so that it ‘drags’ a belt with the likes of Pamushana High school in terms of honors.

Kyle College

As an independent private boarding and day school in Masvingo, Kyle College in Zimbabwe ticks the boxes of Academic performance, facilities, qualified and experienced teachers, extracurricular activities, safety and security, and even student support services.

The school’s reputation in the local community and among alumni, coupled with the reviews and testimonials from current and former students and parents speaks volumes of the value one can gain from being part of this prestigious college.

Lomagundi College Schools

This is another independent boarding school located in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe. The co-educational day and boarding school has more than 40 teaching staff and offers education to pupils From 1 to 4, and then sixth form. Boarders pay around $3,820 termly fees at Lomangundi College Schools and the citadel is affiliated with ATS CHISZ.

Meanwhile, the boarding school runs a scholarship program and ensures a premium educational package that produces graduates whose certificates are recognized in the international landscape.

Wrapping up

There are a whole lot more boarding schools in Zimbabwe than a single blog post review can contain. We’ve limited our recommendations to these twenty options because they come up to the best academically.

But what makes these options stand out from others is the vast number of activities, programs, and challenges available to students daily. Students enrolled in these boarding schools are exposed to a community where learning, personal growth, and exploration are top priorities – programs/activities are abundant; success is celebrated.

If it narrows down to a singular recommendation, then Jonh Tallach school in Matabeleland North Province would be our top pick. The school boasts the highest pass rate (100 percent) in Zimbabwe in the November 2019 Zimsec exams.

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