Iraq: Context of a Crisis

Iraq: Context of a Crisis

The program examines the history of the region, US policy towards Iraq, and how Iraq will likely function after the fall of Saddam Hussein. 

Hosts: Garrick Utley, Marvin Kalb, Margaret Warner, Steve Roberts / Length: 51 minutes / Airdate: Feb 2003

Segment 1

Garrick Utley revisits US policy towards the Persian Gulf since the Truman administration, and expores the history of modern Iraq and its foreign policy.

Segment 2

Marvin Kalb examines the end of the 1991 Persian Gulf War, as senior members of the first Bush administration reflect on the decision not to extend the war beyond the liberation of Kuwait to include the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime and the possible occupation of Baghdad.

Segment 3

Margaret Warner interviews two experts on Iraq about the possible future for Iraq after Saddam Hussein. Guests include Professor Edmund Ghareeb of American University and Professor Amatzia Baram of Haifa University.

Segment 4

Steve Roberts moderates a video conference discussion with students at Khaldunia High School in Islamabad, Pakistan to get their views on the Iraq crisis, US foreign policy after September 11th, and perceptions of America.