The Consequences of Shrinking America's Military

The Consequences of Shrinking America's Military

As America draws down troops from Afghanistan, cuts back on military spending and the size of its military, many worry that America’s leadership in the world and ability to protect its allies is eroding. On this edition of America Abroad we travel to Estonia, Japan, and Saudi Arabia to speak with US allies as well as officials and experts in Washington to understand how America’s defense cuts are perceived around the world.

This program was hosted by Madeleine Brand. It was written and edited by Martha Little and produced by Rob Sachs with help from Flawn Williams. Additional production help at KCRW was provided by Mario Saavreda, Phil Richards, and Andrew Walsh 

Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense Christine Fox Explains the Pentagon's Budget

Jennifer Strong reports from the Pentagon on the particulars of the current US troops draw down and what it means for America's capabilities and image abroad.

Estonia Feels Russia's Heat and NATO Considers its Response

Teri Schultz reports from Brussels and Estonia on how NATO is responding to Russia’s movements in Ukraine and how America’s military factors into long terms plans for the alliance.

The Military Dimension of Obama's Pivot to Asia

Lucy Craft reports from Japan on how Obama's “Pivot to Asia” strategy is driving military decisions in the region.

Saudi Arabia, Gulf States Increasingly Skeptical of US Commitment

America is nearing a nuclear deal with Iran, leaving traditional allies like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States nervous about US commitment to their interests.

Web Extra: Interview with General Chuck Wald

America Abroad speaks with General Charles "Chuck" F. Wald is the former Deputy Commander of United States European Command about what a smaller military means for America's long term strategic goals.

Web Extra: Interview with Mackenzie Eaglen

America Abroad chats with Mackenzie Eaglen, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, about what a smaller military means for America's ability to project power and influence in the world.

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