America and Iran: Cooperation or Conflict in the Post-Saddam Gulf?

America and Iran: Cooperation or Conflict in the Post-Saddam Gulf?

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have brought American troops to the borders of Iran, a country viewed as crucial to peace and stability in the post-war Persian Gulf and Middle East, and it has heightened attention towards Iran's relations with the United States, the possibility for domestic change in Iran, and a suspected Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Segment 1

Garrick Utley narrates an archival audio tour of America's important and tumultuous relationship with Iran.

Segment 2

Steve Roberts moderates a videoconference discussion with undergraduate students in Iran who share their perceptions of the United States and the course of revolution and reform in their country.

Segment 3

Marvin Kalb revisits the 1979 Iranian revolution, as former US government officials reflect on the CIA's failure to anticipate the depth of anti-American sentiment, the rise of key societal and political forces in Iran, and the lessons learned for today.

Segment 4

Margaret Warner moderates a discussion about US-Iranian relations in the aftermath of the war in Iraq and in the context of growing tensions over Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program with guests Shaul Bakhash, Patrick Clawson, Abbas Milani, and Gary Samore.