Baa Hum (Together)

Baa Hum (Together)

AAM's Kabul office - Afghan Media Productions (AMP) - produced and broadcast 24 episodes of a weekly radio drama Baa Hum (Together) on Radio Khurshid leading up to the 2014 Presidential elections.  

The educational and entertaining drama features fictional characters - including Afghan women and men from rural villages - who discuss their experiences in Afghanistan over the last decade and the impact of the 2014 elections on their future. As the characters act out different scenarios, they tackle important political issues such as voter fraud and security for female voters.

Baa Hum broadcast on Tuesdays at 5pm local time in Dari and Pashto. It reached a broad audience throughout Afghanistan, particularly in its rural areas where voter turnout has been low, and where many women participated in the country's upcoming elections for the first time.

Sample Episodes include:

  • Voter Registration: As villagers Ajmal and Waleed are traveling on a donkey cart to a nearby voter registration center, they encounter another villager who tells them not to waste their time. Ajmal and Waleed explain to him the importance of voter participation, and convince him to join them. Later, Khadeeja and Rasheeda rush to the registration center before sunset, as listeners experience the excitement of these women who are first-time voters.

  • Corruption and Security: A shepherd notices a man on an electric tower nearby and suspects he is stealing equipment from the tower. The shephard confronts the man and accuses him of corruption. The man explains he is an electrical engineer who is fixing the tower and tells the shephard that the best way to tackle corruption is to vote for an honest representative. Elsewhere, Dunya is trying to convince her father to let her vote in the upcoming elections. Her father, Mr. Jamil, is not opposed to women voting, but is worried about his daughters' safety. Dunya and her sister explain the security measures introduced at women's voting centers, and Mr. Jamil agrees to take them to register.

  • Women at the Polls: This episode addresses how women can overcome many potential challenges in the voting process. Dr. Maryam visits one of her patients, Miss Pari, who was abused by her father-in-law after registering to vote. Dr. Maryam approaches the head of the local Shura and asks for his help. When all of the village elders - including the mullah - tell her father about the importance of women participating in the election process, he agrees to let her vote and expresses regret for what he has done to his daughter-in-law.

AMP also produced four talk show programs on Afghanistan's elections as part of the Baa Hum (Together) series that broadcast on Radio Khurshid.  Discussions included panels of experts who responded to questions from Afghan audiences about voting and the electoral process. The AMP team gathered "man on the street" questions from people throughout Kabul, who voiced concerns about transparency and inclusiveness in the 2014 elections. Program topics included access to the polls for women in rural areas; female provincial council candidates; voter intimidation; security preparations at polling stations; and youth political participation.

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